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About enterprise Agro - TL, LTD

"AgroTradeLoubny" LLC is a young, rapidly developing multidisciplinary company!

The main activity of our company is the purchase of agricultural raw materials, processing and sale in the markets of Ukraine and the countries of the near abroad.

 We have been working on the international market for 15 years already. During this time we have gained an excellent reputation, we cooperate with many commercial enterprises and organizations, as well as individuals. In our warehouse there is a wide range of goods. We are distinguished by the speediness in solving the tasks posed by the client.

Our company produces the sale and purchase of walnuts (not purified).
We offer walnuts in bulk in large volumes. Walnut caliber 28+.

Here you can buy seeds of pumpkin seeds in bulk: a variety of pumpkin seeds "Ukrainian multi-fruit" and a sort of pumpkin seed "Starofuntovka" (Snow White).
We also offer white beans in bulk. Seeds of beans harvest in 2017. There are varieties: beans Sugar round, white beans, white beans Mavka, beans, Bandol, beans Flat (Lopatka).

 We have the opportunity to make deliveries in any volume to different countries.
 There are flexible payment terms and competitive offers for prices. Delivery of goods is by any means of transport.


Contacts for cooperation:
+38 (050) 051-29-55
Sales department
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